Baby Massage Baby Yoga offers baby massage classes and baby yoga classes led by Dr. Rita O'Flynn and held at her home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. We also offer postnatal pilates and specific postnatal exercise programmes for new mothers.
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Class Details
Health benefits of baby massage and baby yoga
When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes
When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes in Guildford, Surrey

I am Dr. Rita O'Flynn and I can introduce you and your baby to the wonderful experience that is baby massage and baby yoga.

In my baby massage classes, held at my home in Guildford, Surrey, I will teach you massage techniques which are simple to learn yet incredibly powerful, nurturing and comforting to your baby. Baby massage stimulates your baby's muscles, increasing blood flow, invigorating and cleansing the body. It can relieve the symptoms of colic, constipation and teething, induce sleep, and aid digestion. Baby massage also provides you with a unique way to spend time and bond with your baby in those precious early days.

As your baby becomes physically stronger, my baby yoga classes will teach you how to safely perform stretches and actions that are enormous fun, both for your baby and for you. Baby yoga will give you the confidence to truly interact with your baby in a way that you could not have imagined. Your playtime will be more exciting and you will be helping your baby's physical and mental development.

In all my sessions I include gentle exercises to stengthen and tone your body as well. To help you get back to your pre-pregnancy level of fitness, I will teach you specific exercises to strengthen your stomach muscles as well as showing you how to build your arm muscles as your baby grows. If you want something a little more active, I also run postnatal exercise classes or I could tailor a personal training plan just for you.

Over the last ten years it has been my privilege to witness the delight that both mums and dads have experienced with their babies. I thoroughly recommend that you consider baby massage and baby yoga. You will not regret it. In years to come it is one of those special things that you will remember having done with your baby and you may even enjoy doing with your grandchildren!

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