Baby Massage Baby Yoga offers baby massage classes and baby yoga classes led by Dr. Rita O'Flynn and held at her home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. We also offer postnatal pilates and specific postnatal exercise programmes for new mothers.
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Class Details
Health benefits of baby massage and baby yoga
When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes
When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes

Health Benefits of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

There are many benefits of baby massage and baby yoga, both physical and emotional.  Baby massage, in particular, is an excellent way for you to get to know your baby.  It is particularly recommended for fathers or partners who are not always the main carer as it has been shown to aid in the bonding process.  Studies carried out at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London have shown that women with severe postnatal depression bonded to their babies much more quickly if they incorporated baby massage into their daily routine. 

Baby massage is an extension of the stroking and cuddling that you will already be doing, but during my baby massage classes you will learn to express this in a methodical and comprehensive manner.  Baby massage allows you to focus on all parts of the body and target those areas which may require more attention. For example, tummy massage can relieve constipation and some particular movements can help ease the symptoms of colic.  Overall, the rubbing of the skin improves the circulation and the whole experience is equivalent to a workout at the gym!

All new parents out there will be delighted to hear that baby massage induces sleep, making it a perfect night time activity.  You can either incorporate a massage into your baby’s night time routine, massaging after the bath, or do it instead of a bath.  It is not essential to bathe your baby every single day. In fact, this can be quite drying to baby's skin. A massage with oil can do the job of cleaning and moisturising in one go.

Baby massage also:

  • relieves symptoms of colic and constipation
  • improves digestion
  • aids sleep patterns
  • helps relieve the pain of teething
  • unblocks nasal congestion during a cold
  • improves circulation and therefore removes toxins from the body.

The list continues, but for me the best thing of all is the rewarding experience for both you and your baby.  It is a wonderful way to increase the developing bond between you. It also allows you to enjoy your baby by learning an alternative way to play with them which helps with their muscular development at the same time. It reassures you that your baby is incredibly flexible and your only wish will be to be as supple as them!

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