Baby Massage Baby Yoga offers baby massage classes and baby yoga classes led by Dr. Rita O'Flynn and held at her home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. We also offer postnatal pilates and specific postnatal exercise programmes for new mothers.
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

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When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes
When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes

Exercise for Mums

It is particularly important for you to start thinking about yourself after the birth of your baby. It is really easy to neglect yourself, putting baby and the household first, and yourself last. For this reason, during the baby massage and baby yoga classes, I always include exercises that you can do at home with no other equipment other than a bit of floor space and your baby as a weight. 

exercise for mumsOne thing you will notice over the first three months (for first time mums especially) is that your baby is getting noticeably heavier.  You are lifting like you have never lifted before and you baby is only getting heavier and heavier.  I include arm exercises in particular to help you build these muscles as your baby grows.  I also show you exercises to help you return you stomach muscles back to their pre-pregnancy state!  These muscles have taken a real battering over the last few months, but do not worry. There is a lot you can do to resolve this issue.

If you feel you want something a little more active I also run:

  • Postnatal floor-based exercise classes to allow you to concentrate on your core stomach and back muscles.
  • Circuit training using an exercise bike, rowing machine, mini-trampoline, Swiss ball, step machine, foam roller and mat work.
  • Tailored post-natal personal training.

Contact us on 01483 800326 for further information or to book your baby massage or baby yoga class.