Baby Massage Baby Yoga offers baby massage classes and baby yoga classes led by Dr. Rita O'Flynn and held at her home in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. We also offer postnatal pilates and specific postnatal exercise programmes for new mothers.
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga
Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Class Details
Health benefits of baby massage and baby yoga
When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes
When to start baby massage and baby yoga classes



"I started baby massage and yoga with my daughter when she was 12 weeks old!  We both find the classes relaxing and energetic with great focus on both mother and baby. The moves and songs are simple and easy to follow so you can practice at home or out.  Many of the positions help calm Isabelle when she's upset and I am sure they have helped her flexibility, to sit up and roll over!  We thoroughly enjoy Rita's classes and this is our third course."  - Brinda and Isabelle



"I started baby massage classes with Rita when Toby was 15 weeks old and it has been great. After the class he is so relaxed, he always sleeps for at least two hours - and he still goes down for a full night's sleep as well. At home, if I don't have time to do a full massage session then I just do either his legs, torso or arms while he has some nappy-free time. We both enjoy this as it gives us some quiet time together during the day. I could not recommend these classes enough. I think we both get a lot out of it and I think that the tips that you get on dealing with wind, and easing other aches and pains is really useful and reassuring." - Susan and Toby



"My son Jack (5 months) and I have been attending Rita's classes for over 3 months.  We both enjoyed the classes as they provided not only an ideal setting to bond and have fun, but also a great opportunity to spend time with other mums and babies.  Jack leaves his yoga classes smiling and sleeps well afterwards which leaves mum smiling too." - Anna and Jack

fast asleep"After my first baby massage session with my 14 week old baby, his naps for the rest of that day were at least an hour each - the longest was two and a half hours - and this from a baby who rarely sleeps longer than 40 minutes. The next session ended with my baby falling asleep at the end and I managed to dress him and transfer him to the carseat without him waking - another first! It is definintely the most relaxed I have seen him and I wish I could have started weeks ago. I would absolutely recommend these classes to any parent, however old their baby is." - Carol and Oliver

"I contacted Rita after a friend advised that her baby massage classes might help my baby with his constipation. Rita was really helpful over the phone and reassured me that it was quite normal for a baby not to poo for a couple of days! She told me a couple of things I could immediately try to help get things moving. I was amazed when I found that using certain pressure points can really bring quite immediate results! I signed up to the classes have just found them so beneficial. Thank you so much Rita." - Catherine and Henry

"My baby was really suffering with teething pain but I found that the massage really helped her relax and get off to sleep." - Rachel and Millie

"We love baby yoga with Rita.  It's very relaxed and friendly. Rita is full of good advice which we're able to take home with us and use there too. We are on our third course. Definitely recommended." - Michaela and Emma Rose

Dad"I don't get to go to the classes in the daytime as I am at work, but my wife has showed me what to do. When I get home in the evenings I do baby massage with my son as part of his bedtime routine. I feel that it benefits him, obviously, as he gets so sleepy, but I feel that I am spending good quality time with him and really bonding with him. Of course I'm looking forward to the time when we can go to the park and kick a football together but, for now, I love this special time we have together." - Tom, dad to baby Will



"We joined Rita's baby yoga class when my baby was five months old. The classes were very informal and I found the routine to be easy to follow. We both really enjoyed the classes and practised the techniques at home. One night, at bedtime, I used some of Rita ’s relaxation tips on my 2 year old and she fell fast asleep. The next night, I went through the whole routine, which she loved. Since that night, a five minute massage has become part of her bedtime routine. It’s a very special time of the day and I feel that we both get a lot out of it." - Kate and Megan

"Both Benji and I love the baby yoga classes. I enjoy seeing him smile and laugh so much, and he seems to just relish all the stretches and movement. I love the atmosphere in the classes too. All the babies love it. Everyone is so positive and I think I was in need of a bit of camraderie and fun again after a difficult first few weeks. I definitely have more confidence in handling my big baby boy." - Kerri and Benji

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